-Von Arkel-Swiss Made-

The only hinge of its kind in the world

The only hinge of its kind in the world

A technological marvel, the Von Arkel hinge is made using the same fusion of tempered steel and polishing techniques used in watchmaking. It offers exceptional solidity and sturdiness, making it more resistant to
scratches and marks.

its mechanism allows the lenses to be tightened while ensuring freedom of arm movement thanks to integrated friction regulation.

Complex in its design and conception but basic in its handling, this inventive and patented system is manufactured by Swiss Master bar turners of the watchmaking network via a unique process.

Interchangeable, the Von Arkel hinge is also available in a number of different finishings, from polished stainless
steel to 23.5-carat gold finished by PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition). A combination of different processes ensure
durable and subtly-coloured colour hues.